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ArCon (planTEK)
The new standard for architecture

ArCon (planTEK) is a modern planning and design software for architects, interior architects, prefabricated house and furniture manufacturers, real estate agents, private clients, in short - for anyone who has anything to do with planning and building.

ArCon (planTEK) has moved away from the traditional drawing of lines as design now takes place three-dimensionally. The original division between design and visualisation has been removed completely in ArCon (planTEK).

With the aid of rasters, lineals and auxiliary lines, you can plan groundplans quickly and as you wish. Projects are designed from the basement to the roof including external facilities and the construction project is fitted into the appropriate environment by modelling the terrain. Walls, roofs, staircases, windows, doors and other elements of construction can be selected from a variety of provided models or designed yourself in line with your own ideas.

visualisationA comprehensive catalogue for the furnishings offers the user over 3,000 objects and textures in various style catalogues from the furniture to the wallpaper, floor coverings and external objects.

The calculation of light, shade, transparency and mirroring as well as consideration of the position of the sun and the moon according to their geographical location convey a realistic presentation true to detail.

The architect and client can "wander through" the internal rooms and the outside facilities at the PC three-dimensionally. The planning is optimised as a spatial presentation of the project allows possible misunderstandings in the planning to be recognised and cut out at an early stage.

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