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ArCon +6.30 (planTEK) architecture software - only in German and English

ArCon +6.30 (planTEK) is the current version of the ArCon (planTEK) series. Version is dated October 2016.

With this software the architect and the interior designer as well as the manufacturer of a prefabricated house or furniture, thus anyone dealing with planning and designing, can implement and visualize his creative ideas, even before the actual building process has started.

ArCon [planTEK] +6.30 runs under WIN XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10

For ordering ArCon planTEK in english please click here.
cadvilla architecture software
(in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Slovakian and Hungarian)

cadvilla Websitecadvilla is a completely newly developed architecture, planning and visualizing software based on state-of-the-art development tools.

During the development of cadvilla we took into account many wishes of our users and we are convinced that with cadvilla we offer you as our customer an excellent product.

Basic versions of cadvilla are available
starting at €29.95 incl. VAT. 
Professional versions of cadvilla are available
starting at €124.95 incl. VAT.

ArCon open planTEKTaking over projects from ArCon:
In cadvilla professional and cadvilla professional plus files from older ArCon versions (up to ArCon +6.30) can be converted into the new cadvilla file format and therefore can be taken over.

You can find further details about cadvilla and the differences of each version on the product website of cadvilla.
cadvilla basic
cadvilla basic
ArCon open planTEK
€ 219,00
€ 124,95
€ 289,00
regular € 425,00
until JUL,15.2020
regular € 249,00
until JUL,15.2020
regular € 355,00
until JUL,15.2020
ArCon planTEK - special price offer 2020
special price is valid until July 15th 2020
Detailed performance comparison    *)
cadvilla professional plus
cadvilla professional
ArCon open planTEK

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